MOJOcoin is a unique and experimental cryptocurrency project that aim to provide both an ultra-stable blockchain and also raise funds through staking rewards for further investment in other cryptocurrencies.

MOJOcoin will achieve stability and wealth creation by a combined system of masternodes, Proof-of-Stake wallets and a continuous investment cycle using MOJO, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for sustained liquidity and value gain.

MOJOcoin has a history dating back to November 2015 and started as an asset on the NXT blockchain and later transitioned into a Proof-of-Stake coin and the latest MOJOv3 was released in January 2017.

Fully updated website and roadmap coming soon!

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MOJO.v4 ‘nemesis’ is coming q2 2018

MOJOv4 ‘NEMESIS (masternode edition) is under development with a projected release date somewhere in Q2 2018. We have acheived an ultra-stable blockchain with MOJOv3 and we want to make sure that MOJOv4 ‘NEMESIS is as stable as its predecessor and provide an excellent and functional user experience.

We are setting up MOJO Blockchain Investments where we will use our combined expertise to select blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to invest in to give MOJOcoin real world usage as a dividend paying system.

what to expect from mojov4 ‘nemesis'

We have outlined the main features of what is expected in MOJOv4 below. This is subject to change but will give you an idea of where we are going with the new release.


MOJOv4 will be a masternode system to provide further network stability and the masternodes will effectivly function as dividend paying shares in MOJOv4.

investment cycle

MOJOv4 will allocate a portion of the network stake reward for investment in other promising cryptocurrencies with a high gain potential.

stable store of value

MOJOv4 will through the masternode network and the continous investment cycles provide a stable and increasing store of value and volume of trade.