MOJOcoin will swap from version 2 to version 3 on 06/03/2017

MOJOcoin will coduct a full swap from version 2 to version 3 on 06/03/2017 at You must deposit your MOJOv2 coins to before 06/03/2017 to be able to get MOJOv3 coins that you will be able to withdraw from 07/03/2017 to your new MOJOv3 wallet. All support for MOJOv2 will stop after 06/03/2017 and the team will not be able to help you to swap over after that date.

MOJOv2 came with some unsolveable issues and a code base that has been plagued by bugs and issues.

The new MOJOv3 wallet technology is based around an updated Blackcoin core with all features activated. This means ultra stable operation and up to date advanced features such as static PoSv3 and Bitcoin Core’s regression test mode where you can instantly create private block chains with the same basic rules as testnet but you choose when to create new blocks, so you have complete control over the environment. This allows for a layered structure and the development of an advanced API and software layer on top of the MOJO blockchain.

Coin supply: 12,000,000(*)
Algo / System: PoSv3 w/ fixed coin generation
Blocktime: 300 seconds
Reward: 2 MOJO per block
Coin Maturity: 30 blocks
TCP ports:
Main=9495, MainRPC=9496
TestNetMain=19495, TestNetRPC=19496

(*) The surplus coin supply will be invested for further development post-swap.
There will be 10,000 PoW zero reward blocks.
Generated separate Genesis blocks for Main, TestNet and Regression Test mode.


The swap will be on a 10:1 basis so that you will get 1 MOJOv3 for 10 MOJOv2, i.e. 1000 v2 coins will give you 100 v3 coins.
There are currently in excess of 110,000,000 MOJOv2 and we have generated 12,000,000 MOJOv3 for the swap.
ALL SUPPORT FOR MOJOv2 will end after the swap so we can concentrate on progressing MOJOv3

Windows-Qt (v3.0.0.5) 
Mac-Qt (v3.0.0.5) 
Source code